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I am real, passionate, and visually innovative. Every new day, I push to be better than the last. I hope to elevate those around me with kindness and inspiration. That includes you and your brand.

Find what you love and do it better and better.

and better.

and 10 years of experience in Graphic Design, I love working with clients and agencies to unearth their true desires, formulate creative solutions, and create brand identities and experiences that they're proud of.

I am a designer. But beyond that, I'm a creator, marketer, and collaborator who cares. I build with my hands but also my mind and my intuition. With a formal education in Cultural Studies, Marketing, and Leadership,

Some of the things I can do for you.


Branding & Identity

Website UX/UI

Online and Print Ads

Social Media branding

Email Newsletters

Labels & Packaging

Business Cards


Signage and Posters


Flyers & Brochures



and much more.

I've been creating since I was dextrous enough to hold a pencil. Today, I create meaningful ideas for commendable brands and products that I believe make this world better. I'd love to meet you and see if we fit together.

Some of my clients you may know.

Moroccan Oil

Sports Experts

Vie en Rose




Scale AI

Uncle Ben's

Janes Family Foods

McGill University




Aura Fitness


Hilary Knight

Emily Clark

Grévin Montreal


Chris Naugle


Jordanna has been a shining star and a critical part of my team at The Maven Agency. Our clients are outside-the-box thinkers and entrepreneurs who want innovative design and Jordanna delivers, with her concepts often nailing a client's vision on the first attempt! In addition to her high-quality work, Jordanna is also always willing to go out of her way to talk things through with or educate clients where needed. That extra effort goes a long way in solidifying long-term relationships. Most of our clients come back, over and over again. I'm grateful for her ongoing contributions.

Joscelyn Duffy,

 CEO, The Maven Agency & Joscelyn Duffy International Inc.

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